Golden Age Jukes

Specializing in the Restoration of Vintage and Collectible Jukeboxes

Work is done by Craftsmen with between 20 and 40 Years Experience

We Ship and Service Worldwide.

We Regularly Travel Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Alberta

  Specializing in the restoration of vintage and collectible jukeboxes (mostly those manufactured from the late 1930's to the early 1960's).
We completely disassemble the jukebox and rebuild and test every component individually. Care is taken to use only authentic parts or their equivalent. Wherever possible, old veneer is repaired rather than replaced. Worn parts such as cams, bushings, and gears are either replaced, rebuilt, or manufactured to original specifications. Original stampings, markings, and lettering are replicated exactly. Paint colors are duplicated via spectro-analysis to ensure an exact match. The sound system is totally rebuilt. Great care is taken to ensure that the jukebox sound system has ample volume with a pleasant quality blend of bass and treble. "You've got to listen to it so it has to sound great."
Care is also taken to ensure that the tone arm tracking weight is as light as possible - as even 2 or 3 grams extra could significantly increase record wear and drastically decrease tone quality. Of course, all work is guaranteed to YOUR satisfaction.

  Restored Jukeboxes For Sale We always have a stock of restored vintage jukeboxes for sale. Our selection is always changing, so contact us for information on our current stock.

  Cash For Old Jukeboxes and Parts: We buy old jukeboxes, jukebox parts, old speakers and wallboxes. Give us a call with what you have. It may be junk or a relic to you, but it's worth money to us.

  Authorized Wurlitzer Distributor: We sell and service the new Wurlitzer 1015 "One More Time" "bubble" jukeboxes. Great styling of the forties and fifties coupled with great technology of the nineties makes this a legendary jukebox. Available in 45 and CD.

  Appraisals: We do appraisals for insurance and estate purposes. We are continually tracking the sale prices of jukeboxes throughout North America so that we can give an ACCURATE estimate of both the current sale price and replacement cost.

  78 RPM Records: Whether you're moving and have some 78 records that you don't want to take with you, or you have acquired a 78 playing jukebox and you want some great sounding NEW REPRODUCTION 78's to play on it, give us a call.

  Philco Predicta TV's We buy, sell, repair and restore original Philco Predicta B&W TV's.
We are also the distributor for the new COLOR Predicta TV's.

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Serving satisfied customers worldwide for over 20 years.
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